The Tractatus Comico-Philosophicus: Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

STractatus-1003-Kierkegaardøren Kierkegaard Takes a Leap of Faith

  1. Being a human being is weird. We’re not predetermined. Because we are free, nothing is required of us.
  2. All that we have, then, are our absurd commitments.
  3. Real commitment is shown when we do something difficult.
  4. The most difficult thing we could do is to believe in something completely absurd. That takes real commitment!
  5. Religious belief is completely absurd.
  6. Therefore, we should believe because it is absurd to do so. By this means we realize ourselves; we become, by our commitment, authentic.

Who said philosophy was difficult?

The tractatus comico-philosophicus. Dedicated to bring the wisdom of the ages to all, for why shouldn’t you be as confused as they were?

Copyright 2014 by Robert D. Shepherd. All rights reserved.

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