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Approaches to Literary Criticism

There are many ways in and out of works of literature. Here are a few of the most widely espoused. This is by no means a complete list, but it covers many of the most historically influential approaches. Agonistic Criticism … Continue reading

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Are We Failing Our Boys?

We are making admirable strides toward redressing millennia of gender inequities, toward FINALLY not shutting women out of government, business, universities, the arts, and so on. Of course, we’re far from there yet, as a glance at the sea of … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Another PARCC Mugging: A Public Service Announcement

NB: Everything said of PARCC here applies, as well, to all the standardized tests in English language arts currently being used by state departments of education. In other words, PARCC is singled out, here, as an example of a general … Continue reading

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Bésame Mucho

Once upon a time, there was a Princess and a frog. And the Princess said, “If only you would kiss me, I would turn into a frog too and be most beautiful and slithy and live in the cool, dark … Continue reading

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Ideology | Cartoon | Bob Shepherd

Copyright 2001. Robert D. Shepherd. All rights reserved.

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Capriccio | Cartoon | Bob Shepherd

Copyright 2001. Copyright Copyright 2001. Robert D. Shepherd. All rights reserved.   For other artwork by Bob Shepherd (and essays about the nonliterary arts, go here:

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A Ditty for the Don, Cheeto Trumpbalone

Ah, I feel a song coming on. There’s a big sinkhole at Mar-a-Lago. Let that sink in. Donnie is our president Although he did not win A popular plurality, And that is just a sin. Ask me what I think … Continue reading

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