A Ditty for the Don, Cheeto Trumpbalone

Ah, I feel a song coming on.

There’s a big sinkhole at Mar-a-Lago.
Let that sink in.
Donnie is our president
Although he did not win
A popular plurality,
And that is just a sin.
Ask me what I think of him.
Oh, where do I begin?
He’s a freaking hero to
The skinhead Aryans.
It ought to be a clue that he
Has such great popularity
With skinhead Aryans.
Wink wink it’s not an accident
That one so twisted and so bent
Should be a freaking hero to
The skinhead Aryans.

It’s getting near that time of year
I never really miss much,
When Trumpty Dumpty will decry
Imagined wars on Christmas..
Our Obergruppenführer’s gone
Back to the heart of Dixie.
But Mr. Barr is now in place
To engineer a fix; he
Will try his best to exorcise
The ghost of Robert Mueller
And so prevent the sure demise
Of Putin’s favorite ruler,
That self-made man
Who built his wealth
With one small loan from Daddy
Of half a billion dollars
To his little Scottish laddie.

About Bob Shepherd

interests: curriculum design, educational technology, learning, linguistics, hermeneutics, rhetoric, philosophy (Continental philosophy, Existentialism, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics), classical and jazz guitar, poetry, the short story, archaeology and cultural anthropology, history of religion, prehistory, veganism, sustainability, Anglo-Saxon literature and language, systems for emergent quality control, heuristics for innovation
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