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A Brief (Very Brief) History of Romantic Love, Which, Surprisingly, Turns out to Be a Cultural Creation, like Duct Tape and Underwear

In The Allegory of Love, C.S. Lewis makes the startling claim that among the ancients (which in the West, in Lewis’s time, meant the not-so-ancient ancient Greeks and Romans), there was nothing like what we would call romantic love. One … Continue reading

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Algorithm | A Short Story | Bob Shepherd

I suppose that there have long been two types of people—those who expected that one day the aliens would arrive and those who were, well, clueless. But few took any of this seriously until 2:22 PM on the afternoon of … Continue reading

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HE: Awaken, deer One! We are late for church. See, Hyperion is already sorting out his children–gentle Selene, Eos of the seven veils, and mighty Helios. The first temples–the sacred groves, the fourteen stations of the mountain crags–await us! SHE: … Continue reading

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Coming Soon! Film Conceptualization Made E-Z!

I have this psychic ability. I can predict the new season of Netflix films before these films are even announced! To illustrate, I’ve been brainstorming here, a list of great ideas for innovative new films from Netflix Studios. The elevator … Continue reading

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A Little Lesson on Anglo-Saxon and the Fossilization of History in Language

Consider the following examples of the language learned, for the most part, by English speakers when they were children: cow, bull, heifer, ox (from Old English cu, bulla, heahfore, oxa) beef (from Old French boef)   sheep, ewe, ram (from … Continue reading

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The Writer Puts Words in Their Place

I’ve seen it argued that animals (by which the authors meant nonhuman animals, for we are animals too) can’t be self-aware because they don’t have language. Yikes. The notion here is that in order for a creature to have a … Continue reading

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Ideas Matter, Exhibit 1: The Horrific Legacy of Christian Neo-Platonism

The Christian Church grew up mired like a fly in treacle in the utter darkness that was Platonism–the sick, world-and-life-denying doctrine of Plato, who split the universe down the middle, into an airy-fairy spirit world “up there” and a contemptible … Continue reading

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To a Young Poet | Bob Shepherd

for Brooke Belk Your work is grounded in Earth, Mycelia conspiring with roots To fashion, again, the wordless Lotus: its petals, tongues.

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Notes toward Answering the Questions “Where Do Poetry and Language Come From?”

“The most exciting phrase to hear in science,” wrote Isaac Asimov, ” is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny!” Well, in the middle of the last century, anthropologists discovered something funny (in the sense of surprising): so-called “primitive” hunter-gatherers like the … Continue reading

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The Dumbest Idea Ever

St. Augustine was obsessed with sex. He thought incessantly about getting laid. At the same time, he believed that his desires were sinful. In this he wasn’t much different from a lot of sanctimonious Repugnican moralists today. We know all … Continue reading

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