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Roy Turrentine on the Long-term Effects of a Good Education and One of the Many Things That Ed Deformers Don’t Understand

I don’t usually post work by others on my blog, but I loved this piece by ex-farmer and history teacher extraordinaire Roy Turrentine. It’s a comment he left on Diane Ravitch’s wonderful blog. I was very busy yesterday . . … Continue reading

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What Should Be Taught in an English Teacher Preparation Program?

Recently, I was teaching in a high school, and a directive came down from our administrators that final exams were to be graded on a curve. In a meeting with the other English teachers in my department, I found that … Continue reading

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A Brief History of England, by Gerald

OK, in the beginning, there were these islands, and blue people called Brits lived in the South, and red-haired people called Pricks lived in the North, and they used to run around naked and set up big rocks in circles … Continue reading

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If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?

Back in 1969, fifty years before this now, Kurt Vonnegut is publishing Slaughterhouse-Five. (How exciting!) In 1984, I am watching the film version with my then girlfriend and wishing that we had our own geodesic dome on Tralfamadore just like … Continue reading

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