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Rudolph, Don’s Brown-Nosed Reign Dear | Bob Shepherd

(to the tune of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”) Rudolph the Ghouliani had a very brown, brown nose, squandered his former goodwill, stroking Trump on TV shows. All of the other Trumpties used to laugh and call him names. Even those … Continue reading

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The Coring of U.S. K-12 ELA Curricula

My entire adult life has been spent sometimes as a writer and editor for various textbook companies and sometimes as a high-school teacher of English, Speech, Debate, Theatre, and Film. For much of my life, I ran a development company … Continue reading

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“O Donnie Boy,” aka “Moscow’s Asset Governing America” (MAGA),” aka Vlad’s Agent Orange

 (to the tune of “Danny Boy) O Donnie Boy, your handler Putin’s calling, extending thanks for the Ukraine delay. He wants to say, impeachment’s surely galling, but still the tape won’t see the light of day. But come ye back … Continue reading

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The Seven Wives of King Donald the Wurst

NB: a wurst is a sausage Six wives had he, the Eighth King Henry. Trump had but three, we’re told, but when he was twixt and between those he made a great show of, perhaps he swallowed some four we … Continue reading

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