The Trump “Trial”

Everybody knows. Trump is pathetically insecure and profoundly ignorant, a lout, a moron, a pathological liar, a racist, a bully and a thug, clinically an exhibitionist narcissist, a serial sexual predator, a ne’er-do-well would-be playboy and business failure, a con man, a criminal money launderer for Russian mobsters, a Russian asset and dependable water-carrier for the kleptocratic Russian state, a traitor to his country.

EVERYBODY KNOWS. You and I know it. Every reporter knows it. The Republican Senators know it. The toadies in the Trump Misadministration know it. His dirty lawyers know it. The Evangelical leaders know it (most of them; there are some real dummies). The U.S. intelligence services know it. All our allies know it. Melania knows it. Trump and his spawn know it. Yes, sure, there are some rubes out there in the hinterlands who don’t. But everyone else? They ALL know. He’s useful to the corrupt politicians gathered around him. This is how bad it’s gotten. Ghouliani cooked up a scheme–nail the Bidens, and sold his dim-witted (“Belgium is a city”; “the Prince of Whales”) client on it. And he got caught. But hey, nothing a Sharpie won’t cure in an time when our leadership, at the highest levels, is a corrupt criminal enterprise.

Dark times. This is what a country that has lost its moorings looks like, one that is on its way to becoming either a fascist dictatorship or a failed state. It’s the cronies gathered around Stalin in the Kuntsevo Dacha. It’s John Gotti and the boys at the Ravenite. It’s Rome in the time of Commodus. It’s a sick joke. And everybody knows.

And the “trial”? Well, what Trump did was bad. Very, very bad. Impeachably bad. Removal from office bad. Putting his personal political gain above the country’s national security, above the needs of a desperate, strategically important ally at war. Unforgivable. But that’s tiny compared to the whole picture, isn’t it? It’s as though the Son of Sam were being tried for traffic violations. But here we are. And even for this, he will go completely free. To do it again. And again. And again. Trump emboldened. Jabba theTrump off the chain, bungling and bellowing through history, breaking things.

The one word that sums him up best: he is a vandal.

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