SOTU, Brute? On Don the Con’s 2020 State of the Disunion Address

“Don’t call some Malcolm. Don’t call some Chandra.
Get me my Master of Propaganda!”
So Jabba the Trump exclaimed from his lair,
while sliming down his Troll Doll hair.

“I need a SOTU that will not fail.
If I’m not reelected, I’m headed to jail!
We need some myth-making, a crowd-pleasing thrilla,
so bring me my Goebbels, my Stevie Milla!’

And when they brought him the King before,
he was full of venom and lies by the score.
And of all these lies, I’ll give you the gist:
“You’ll play,” he said, “televangelist.

“You’ve got the spray tan and, sort of, the hair.
Truth you long ago chose to forswear,
so reel in the rubes, the kooks, and the clods
by speaking all night of country and god.

“And as for the speech, I’ll more than assist
to make you a SOTU evangelist,
with poses to strike and lots of fine hammin’.
Fear not offending your true god, Mammon,

“for you’ll speak of the miracle you have now wrought
in this country where every Repugnican’s bought
and whatever the truth of affairs economic
you’ll speak the contrary. Oh, that will be comic!”

“Oh thank you, Steve Miller,” said slick Dapper Don,
“You’ve helped me to stay the great King of the Con
And using the principles taught me by Cohn:
Repeat the lie bigger, opponents to own,

“When caught in a lie, just say it again,
but bigger, this time, to go for the win.”
And so at the SOTU, throughout the grand hall,
the Jabba then sounded his slick mating call.

and Repugnicans ate it up, as they now do.
For them coprophagy is like eating stew.


Copyright 2020, Robert D. Shepherd. All rights reserved. This post may be freely shared as long as this copyright notice is retained.

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2 Responses to SOTU, Brute? On Don the Con’s 2020 State of the Disunion Address

  1. “If Trump wants to dismantle democracy and rule of law (which he does), his party will stand with him all the way.”

    Trump has proven that over 16,400 lies doesn’t matter to the GOP. He very soon will believe that he is above the law and his behavior will know no bounds. He will be able to have foreign countries work to get him re-elected. He can have phone calls that, if recorded and transcribed, will be put in secure servers so nobody can ever read them. He will continue to post executive orders that demonstrate his bigotry, ignorance and hatred. He will become more and more wealthy from being president and nobody will say that is illegal. He will rule by Tweets and never be held accountable for the hatred and fear he continues to dispense.

    If Trump loses the 2020 election in November, will he leave? He will have the continuing total support of the GOP sycophants who agree that he can do nothing wrong. After all, he can claim those election results were illegal.

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