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What I Hope We Will Learn from the Pandemic

Distance learning is a crock, and teachers are really, really important. Close confinement of animals meant for food (not only in wet markets like the one in Wuhan but in factory farms, from which most meat comes now) breeds viruses … Continue reading

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For the Socialism-Curious Only!

Are you Socialism-curious but ashamed to let anyone know the thoughts you’ve been harboring while watching Mitch McConnell loot the treasury to engorge the rich? Then you’ve come to the right place. Act now and we’ll send, for the S-curious … Continue reading

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Lord Help Us: Trump Is Our Leader, So We Have No Leader

INT. DAY. MORONAVIRUS TRUMPINSKI ORANGII DAILY BRIEFING, April 18 TRUMP (snorts Adderall and steps to the microphone) First let me thank the members of the media who are here today. You’re fake news. Disgraceful. And speaking of fake news, you’re … Continue reading

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This Is Not a President

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