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King Donald the Wurst

Dumb Donald Trumpsat on his rump,eating cheeseburgers all day.He called for his Millerand brownshirted killersand hypocrite fundies to pray. He called for his Barrto make him a czarand all rule of law to allay.And to meet his requirementthat it trash … Continue reading

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Bye, bye, poor, sad Orange Clown Man

To the tune of “O Danny Boy” O Donnie boy, your cuckoo coup has faltered.Time runs away, like dye down Rudy’s cheek.What’s done is done. The vote count can’t be altered.You’ll soon be jailed. Your prospects sure look bleak. Will … Continue reading

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Donnie: Thanks for the Memories!

Imagine that someone, back in 2010, had written a novel that told exactly the story of the Presidency of one Donald Chump. Imagine that it was set in the near future: 2015-2020. Imagine that this was the plot outline: Three … Continue reading

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Bob’s Basic Bread: Most Recent Recipe

I’ve been baking for quite a while and have lots and lots of recipes I’ve developed for lots and lots of baked goods, but this is my most BASIC recipe for sourdough bread–the one I use now most often. I … Continue reading

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A Dummies’-Style Guide to Becoming a Cult Leader

These guidelines will help people to recognize such scam artists when encountering them. Just about all cults include most or all of these elements. Make a Promise that gets at something people really want and don’t have, such as community, … Continue reading

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Close to You (Donnie’s Song) | Bob Shepherd

with apologies to Hal David, Burt Bacharach, and The Carpenters Why do toadies suddenly appearto take your part and kiss your rear?Putin has the dirtto ensure they don’t desertand stay close to you. Why does Mitch, like Pence’s fly,stick like … Continue reading

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