Why Trump and His Co-Conspirators Must Face Consequences

It’s extremely important that the impeachment and conviction of Trump be carried out. If it isn’t, he will receive, for life, money from the taxpayers of the country that he betrayed, including funds for setting up an office and paying a staff. Should the taxpayers really be providing the funds for Trump to establish an office and pay some slimeball like Stephen “Goebbels” Miller to write Trump’s Mein Kampf? the book to come after Trump’s failed Beer Hall Putsch? Should taxpayers provide the funds for Trump to CONTINUE the crazy, baseless, incitement that led

to the death in Charlottesville (Trump: They want to destroy your monuments, erase our history. They hate America. Good people on both sides.)?

to the murderous attacks on synagogues (Trump: A caravan of rapists and murderers organized by George Soros!),

to the deaths during the anti-BLM confrontations (Trump: BLM is Antifa. They’re Socialists! Take back your country. Liberate Ohio! Liberate Michigan!),

to the deaths at the Capitol (Trump: Stop the steal! Fight! You don’t take back your country with weakness! Patriots, we love you!)?

This is a pattern of dangerous, seditious, criminally treasonous behavior.

Do we, the taxpayers, fund a further forum for this wannabe Fuhrer to use to carry out his parting promise to his ignorant, murderous, white supremacist, insurrectionist mob (Trump: I know you’re disappointed, but this is only the beginning)?

And then there is what comes after all this. The only way to prevent what I am calling The Trumpling Scenario–the emergence of a younger, smarter, more charismatic, more knowledgeable, more articulate, more competent fascist who will assume the Orange mantle; pick up Trump’s moronic and extremely base base; expand that base; assume power; and put in place toadies at the heads of all instruments of state power to end our democratic system of government for good–is to prosecute Trump and the co-inciters of this insurrection, such as Cruz and Hawley, to the fullest extent possible. Impeachment, conviction in the Senate, and then criminal indictment for Trump. Expulsion for Cruz and Hawley, preventing them from ever again holding an office of public trust. Anything short of these responses will be a rubber stamp on the ugly events of January 6 and will embolden those, more competent than Trump ever was, who would destroy democracy.

Some have chosen to look away again and again. See where that got us?

Never again.

About Bob Shepherd

interests: curriculum design, educational technology, learning, linguistics, hermeneutics, rhetoric, philosophy (Continental philosophy, Existentialism, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics), classical and jazz guitar, poetry, the short story, archaeology and cultural anthropology, history of religion, prehistory, veganism, sustainability, Anglo-Saxon literature and language, systems for emergent quality control, heuristics for innovation
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6 Responses to Why Trump and His Co-Conspirators Must Face Consequences

  1. drext727 says:

    Every person arrest should be charged as a terrorist. Anything less will send message that this wasn’t that bad. It will happen again.

    If they were black, they would be dead, the survivors thrown in jail and the key thrown away.
    If they were Muslim, they would be dead, and some country in the middle east bombed in retaliation.

    There should not be a distinction based on skin color. Charge them with terrorist acts, convict them and throw away the key. This must include trump, trump jr, giuliani, cruz, hawley and any other contributor.

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  2. Ronee Groff says:

    NOT ONE MORE PENNY should pay the way for this traitor and those, family, friend, or followers who could be left to build back better their army of discontents and malicious hating thugs. This criminal conman and Putin stooge who has led his dirty rotten scoundrels and mafia like gang through the gates of our houses of government and trashed and spat on our Democracy our Constitution, leaving a stain on our flag and blood on our doorstep should be dealt with the laws that govern us as the country who claims to be that, a country of laws.

    Our crowning jewel, our education system, needs to reflect and be responsive to this moment with a revised curriculum from the youngest ages to teach civics and include this moment as a reminder for understanding the words of the Constitution in context to history and given meaning to the morality and soul of our nation. Immigrants have a better grasp of this in working for their citizenship tests then do our natural citizens. We need understanding and learning, not mind control and propaganda filled lessons. I remember with a pride of nation as a school child the trip to Philadelphia our cradle of freedom and bringing home a vellum like paper which had the Preamble enscribed on it and holding it to my beating heart as a reminder of that Freedom and love of my country.

    At almost 78 years of age and the privilege to be born here I have never felt that it could not be lost or taken away, I just never thought it could or would be by our own citizens following a Pied Piper taking us to ruination. Fool me once but there is no excuse to be fooled on a second try! Not happening! Then again never say never and more importantly Never Forget!!!

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