Remembrance of Things Ass

So, Donald Trump had the mobster’s habit of destroying the evidence–tearing up paperwork he didn’t like or after he didn’t (or couldn’t) read it. Ordinarily, under actual presidents, these papers would have gone into the National Archives. The Presidential Records Act of 1978 made all such papers into public documents, legally owned by the people. However, in keeping with his flouting of every other law and norm, Trump simply ignored this, as he ignored the provision of the law that required presidents to maintain and turn over records of meetings with foreign heads of state (Trump’s infamous private meetings with his handler, Putin, for example).

So, what will go into a Trump Presidential Library and Alternative Fact Adventureland, if one ever gets built? Perhaps his Tweets, but if so, these should be renamed Twits in his honor.

A Trump gift shop with orange tan-in-a-can and Trump-branded plastic straws for swallowing by marine animals? A mini-mall with Trump merch–pens and MAGA hats and Trump steaks and Trump wine and boat-parade flags? Mushroom hats? The 10,000-year supply of hydroxychloroquine bought by Trump’s administration? Eric and Donnie, Jr.’s collections of the cut-off tails of endangered African wildlife? Invitations to an important election security briefing at Four Seasons Total Landscaping? Trump’s draft offer to trade California for Greenland? The collected cheeseburger wrappers and videotaped incitements to insurrection of Donald Trump? Paintings on velvet of Fred Trump and Roy Cohn ascending into heaven? High-flush toilets? Vials of the tears of separated parents and children? Love notes to Kim and Vlad?

P.S. Trump is talking about starting his own political party and perhaps his own cell phone IM service. I have some suggestions, Mr. Trump. Call the former the TWIT Party, for Trump-worshiping idiot team, and the latter TWITTER-B, for Trump-worshiping idiot team talking egregiously reactionary bullshit.

For more on Don the Can, aka Vlad’s Agent Orange, and his maladministration, go here:

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1 Response to Remembrance of Things Ass

  1. Don’t forget Trump’s BRILLIANCE on the lightbulb and dishwashers. We certainly don’t want him to look more orange. How many times has Trump ever used a dishwasher?
    “Somebody said, ‘Oh, sir, don’t mention the lightbulb,'” Trump said. “The new lightbulb costs five times as much, and it makes you look orange. And I was more interested in the orange than I was in the cost.”

    Trump transitioned to hyping “new dishwashers that give you more water so you can actually watch and rinse your dishes without having to do it 10 times”.

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