Trump: A Commemoration

Trump, of course, has added a number of new words to our language: unpresidented, covfefe, bigly (his pronunciation of big league). But I don’t think those new terms, rich as they are, sufficiently celebrate the man (I’m using the term loosely) we’ve come to know. So, I’m putting these suggestions for alterations in informal English out there in hopes of seeing them widely adopted going forward:

And wow, she was apetrump mad!
Are you trumping me?
Don’t trump where you eat.
He doesn’t know diddlytrump.
He showed up totally trumpfaced.
He was spouting a trumpload of nonsense.
He’s just trying to stir up some trump.
Holy trump!!!
I practically trumped myself!
I really don’t give a trump. Do you?
I trump you not.
I warn you, don’t get on my trump list.
I’m getting too old for this trump.
I’m telling you: He’s battrump crazy.
Keep this trump up and you’re fired.
Looks like we’re up trump creek without a paddle.
No trump?!
Oh, man, you’ve really trumped the bed.
Oh, you’re going to catch trump now!
Same trump, different day.
Seriously, cut the trump, man!
That’s like pushing trump uphill with a pity stick.
No, don’t travel to the US right now; it’s a trumphole country where Covid is rampant.
Then the trump hit the fan.
Trump happens.
Two can sling trump, you know.
Well, THAT was a dumbtrump thing to say!
Well, you’re trump out of luck this time.
What a pile (or bunch or crock or piece) of trump (or horsetrump or dogtrump)!
Yeah, he has trump for brains.
Yikes! What a trumpshower!
You are so full of trump.
You won’t believe the trump he’s been up to.
You’re gonna have to eat that trump sandwich yourself.
You’re too chickentrump to try it.
You’re trump outta luck.
And, just for fun,
He was all over me like a fly on pence.

NB: This post was inspired by my dear mother, who for years now hasn’t used Trump’s name but, instead, just refers to him with a POS emoji.

For more on Don the Con (aka IQ45 or Moscow’s Asset Governing America [MAGA]), go here:


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10 Responses to Trump: A Commemoration

  1. coloradopoet says:

    Bahahahahaha!!😂😂thanks for the giggles:)! Well written and clever!

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. ira shor says:

    Yes, marvelous. Perhaps they will be included in a Trip-themed ‘Pricktionary.’

    Liked by 2 people

  4. ira shor says:

    Cx: “Trump-themed Pricktionary”!!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. annat says:

    This is the trump!! Thanks, Bob!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. jilldennison says:

    Awesome! I love these!


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