A Lost Party

People have a fundamental duty of care, especially toward younger people, the elderly, the displaced, the victimized, and the infirm, and toward those whose work it is to carry out that duty of care–healthcare professionals, teachers, firefighters, hospice workers, and police officers sworn to serve and protect. IT IS PRECISELY THE LACK OF ANY SENSE OF THIS DUTY OF CARE THAT CHARACTERIZES THE REPUGNICAN PARTY TODAY. The current party is DEFINED BY this lack, by this void, by what is MISSING in it. A single moment perfectly captures this defining characteristic of the current incarnation of the Repugnican Party: Rand Paul doodling during the footage showing Trump’s insurrectionist brownshirts beating Capitol police with flag poles.


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interests: curriculum design, educational technology, learning, linguistics, hermeneutics, rhetoric, philosophy (Continental philosophy, Existentialism, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics), classical and jazz guitar, poetry, the short story, archaeology and cultural anthropology, history of religion, prehistory, veganism, sustainability, Anglo-Saxon literature and language, systems for emergent quality control, heuristics for innovation
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  1. Bob Shepherd says:

    February 14, 2021. The first mention of St. Valentine’s Day is in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Parlement of Foules (Fowls), which describes this as the day when Nature brings all the birds together to choose their mates.
    NB: This is totally unrelated to the Parliament of Fools that just voted to acquit the treasonous mobster Donald Trump.

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