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interests: curriculum design, educational technology, learning, linguistics, hermeneutics, rhetoric, philosophy (Continental philosophy, Existentialism, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics), classical and jazz guitar, poetry, the short story, archaeology and cultural anthropology, history of religion, prehistory, veganism, sustainability, Anglo-Saxon literature and language, systems for emergent quality control, heuristics for innovation

Voting in Trumplandia

For other artwork by Bob Shepherd, go here: For other humor by Bob Shepherd, go here: For other shaking of my head about the very fact that Jabba the Trump is our President, go here: Advertisements

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Anachronism, Historical Fakes, Cults, and Scriptures

An anachronism is something inappropriate to the time and place being described. A momentarily famous recent example is the Starbucks coffee cup accidentally left on a table in a scene from Game of Thrones. Here are a couple others: In … Continue reading

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Being lesson on muddying the waters to make them look deep. . . . “Management consultants steal your watch and then tell you what time it is.” –Martin Kihn “Let me speak, for a moment, from a 50,000-Foot-Perspective,” said T, … Continue reading

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Charters, Vouchers, and Segregation

A breathtakingly good summary of the sordid history of using charters, vouchers, and private schooling to effect de facto segregation:  

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He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

The utter subjugation of the populace didn’t happen via secret police and mass executions as in Stalin’s Russia. No, it was much more subtle, occurring bit by bit, drip by drip, a boiled frog phenomenon. It all started, seemingly innocently, … Continue reading

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Donnie, Baby

For more humor by Bob Shepherd, go here: For more art by Bob Shepherd, go here: For more pieces about Don the Con; aka The Don, Cheeto Trumpbalone; aka Vlad’s Agent Orange; aka President Pinocchio; aka IQ45, go … Continue reading

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Leila and Loofi

All pieces copyright 2019, Robert D. Shepherd. All rights reserved. For more art by Bob Shepherd, go here: For more humor by Bob Shepherd, go here:

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