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Killing Ed Deform and Making American Education Suck Less: Some Suggestions

The subtitle of Diane Ravitch’s Blog, one of my favorite Internet sites, is “A site to discuss better education for all.” It’s wonderful to read, on her site, the heated discussions of curricula and pedagogy. As many readers of her … Continue reading

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One Way to Make High School Suck Less

A high-school is a kind of medium-security prison in which young people are incarcerated for seven hours a day and given lots of supervision and highly structured schedules in order to get them out of the way and control them … Continue reading

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A Warning to Parents about Online Learning Programs

  Contemporary Online Learning Programs Are Behaviorist Programmed Learning Brought Back from the Dead–Put a Stake in Them before They Take Over Your Kid’s School Sometimes it is overt, and sometimes it is hidden and not so obvious, but most … Continue reading

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The Coring of the Six Hundred (with apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Row on row, row on row, Row on row stationed Sick at their monitors Sat the six hundred. “You may now type your Username” Said the test proctor. Set up for failure Sat the six hundred.   “Enter your password … Continue reading

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For David Coleman, on the Occasion of Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday

Wrote this piece some time ago. Just getting around to posting it. I once read, in “The American Scholar,” I think, or perhaps it was in “Verbatim,” a tragic report on the paucity of dedicated swear words in classical Latin. … Continue reading

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Our Boadicea, Our Jeanne d’Arc, Is a 79-year-old Grandmother, an Existence Proof of the Stupidity of Ageism

On this Labor Day, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the Herculean labors of Diane Ravitch. Dr. Ravitch has for many years now been the most significant force for sanity in all of U.S. K-12 education. Day in … Continue reading

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On the Pseudoscience of Strategies-Based Reading Comprehension Instruction, or What Current Comprehension Instruction Has in Common with Astrology

Why the Standards-and Testing Approach, as Currently Designed, Doesn’t Work in ELA Permit me to start with an analogy. As a hobby, I make and repair guitars. This is exacting work, requiring precise measurement. If the top (or soundboard) of … Continue reading

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