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State your name, please. OK. I can do that. I mean, I can give you some names. But these are misleading. You intend to give us false names? I did not say this. But a name suggests a finitude entirely … Continue reading

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Trump 2024 Campaign Slogans

Please vote for me. Otherwise, I go to prison. Why just documents in the toilet? Why not the whole country? Making America Grate Again TRUMP 2024: 20 for Obstruction of an Official Proceeding. 24 for Seditious Conspiracy MAGA: Moscow’s Asset … Continue reading

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How to Become an Expert on Military Strategy and Preparedness

Too bad we don’t have a stable genius like Donald Trump in the offal office right now, given the war in Ukraine. He is soooooo well informed! Here, a blast from the past, Trump talking to NBC reporter Chuck Todd … Continue reading

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from Flor-uh-duh Bob’s EZ Entrepreneurial Guide to Charter Riches!

As a would-be artist of the con, you follow in a great American tradition going all the way back to John D. Rockefeller’s father, the Dr. Marvel medicine show guy who traveled the West selling Everything Cures. Many possibilities for … Continue reading

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What K-12 Textbooks Are Like Now: A Sample lesson on the Declaration of Independence

[Begin lesson.] We hold (Did you know that Thomas Jefferson invented an automatic letter copying device? It’s pictured here. Higher-Order Thinking: how are letters different from email?) these truths (Cross-curricular Connections–Math: Truth tables are used in logic. Al-Farabi, pictured here, … Continue reading

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions, 2022, by Robert Shepherd, Lifestyle Reporter

–Resolved, with resolution, resolutely to do nothing in 2022 to curb the epidemic of school shootings. –The United States Congress –Petition the warden for Big Mac deliveries. –Donald Trump –Deputize and arm Citizen Militias to remove from public schools both … Continue reading

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Patriotic Noise 2

Submission pursuant to an application for the position of speechwriter for Donald Trump, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, or Ron DeSantis Murika, land of thetis of thee,by jingo by gollyby jingoism,by the dawn’s eerienightfrom above,by crackie,by cracker,by crackle!freedumb de … Continue reading

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Corporate Decision Making: You Are There

For more art and essays about art by Bob Shepherd, go here: For more humor by Bob Shepherd, go here:

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Remembrance of Things Ass

So, Donald Trump had the mobster’s habit of destroying the evidence–tearing up paperwork he didn’t like or after he didn’t (or couldn’t) read it. Ordinarily, under actual presidents, these papers would have gone into the National Archives. The Presidential Records … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders and I

The Bern and I, SCUBA diving. Those were the days! Bernie, love you, Bro.

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