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Thank You Sonnet | Bob Shepherd

after Edna St. Vincent Millay Yes, it’s true, as you said, that after good sexthe world is heightened, clearer, a cineplex—as if a summer shower’s intercession washed clean the muddied, muddled doors of perception,but lest there be any misconstruction of … Continue reading

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Bésame Mucho

Once upon a time, there was a Princess and a frog. And the Princess said, “If only you would kiss me, I would turn into a frog too and be most beautiful and slithy and live in the cool, dark … Continue reading

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A Brief (Very Brief) History of Romantic Love, Which, Surprisingly, Turns out to Be a Cultural Creation, like Duct Tape and Underwear

In The Allegory of Love, C.S. Lewis makes the startling claim that among the ancients (which in the West, in Lewis’s time, meant the not-so-ancient ancient Greeks and Romans), there was nothing like what we would call romantic love. One … Continue reading

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HE: Awaken, deer One! We are late for church. See, Hyperion is already sorting out his children–gentle Selene, Eos of the seven veils, and mighty Helios. The first temples–the sacred groves, the fourteen stations of the mountain crags–await us! SHE: … Continue reading

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In my neighborhood, when I was a little, there was another kid, a gentle, kind kid whom I’ll call Casey, who was born, biologically, a boy but always wanted to dress as a girl and to cook and sew and … Continue reading

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Wooing, Dating, Hooking Up

Choose one and be immediately teleported to that time. Wooing 1880s: Boy walks to girl’s house, carrying bouquet of wildflowers. Boy and girl sit in the parlor across from her parents. She serves him tea and little cakes and plays … Continue reading

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To Helen

I would have liked to have a had a sister. When I was a kid, girls were TOTALLY MYSTERIOUS to me. They could not have been more alien if they had wings and  traveled about on moonbeams. They always gathered … Continue reading

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I Am an Idiot

Yes. I’m an idiot, for I will rise from my work to watch raindrops patter on a sidewalk as though I’d never seen them before, as though these were the first rain on the first day in freaking Eden. I’m … Continue reading

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Tsuki (Shinobi Moon)

I keep a safe distance from this, But sometimes at night, especially in Autumn, When clouds are roiling across the moon, I remember that moonlight on her face, Her breasts rising and falling with her breathing As she slept, there … Continue reading

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Sappho Speaks across the Ages to Her Lost Love | B.O.B. Shepherd

NB: Sapphic meter is a rhythmic form created by the poet Sappho of Lesbos (c. 630 – 570 BCE). A sibyl was an oracle to whom people went for answers to questions of great import. A bark is a ship. … Continue reading

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