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State your name, please. OK. I can do that. I mean, I can give you some names. But these are misleading. You intend to give us false names? I did not say this. But a name suggests a finitude entirely … Continue reading

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Lichtung, Midsummer, No Fairies

Where have you gone, fairies of my childhood?Have I grown too blustering and blundering,Too puffed up with knowledge and opinions? I seek you in the clearing of the woodAnd there find only the luminescenceYou have left behind, hanging in the … Continue reading

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Kant: Finding a Way In

OK. This is rough, and I’ll be revising it. But I just prepared this for a friend, and I thought I would share it. for BrookeReading Kant is notoriously difficult. One reason for this difficulty is that he didn’t have … Continue reading

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Honesty about Religion

I know that people are supposed to “show respect” to religious belief–that that’s a widely held position. But I don’t have any respect for it. I have precisely the opposite. It seems to me breathtakingly ironic that religions make claims … Continue reading

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Things I Worry About: How Alternative Fact Worldviews Enable Fascism

George Santayana, in Reason in Religion, makes the argument that religion serves the same sort of purposes that poetry does and that, while not literally true,* is nonetheless elevating. William James, in Varieties of Religious Experience, makes a pragmatic argument … Continue reading

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Why Is Christianity So Weird?

Imagine for a moment that you have never heard of Christianity. Seriously. Try this. A little thought experiment. A missionary comes to you and says, “Here’s the deal. There’s this all-powerful guy in the sky, and he created everything, including the … Continue reading

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A Middle Way: Socialism, Capitalism, and Social Democracy 

NB: This piece is rough, something I threw together quickly for a young friend. But I thought I would share it anyway. It’s valuable, when staking out a position, to play the Devil’s Advocate—to take the opposing point of view … Continue reading

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Education Reform as Religious Cultism

Numerology is pseudoscience involving numbers. Lots of Americans, for example, believe in what they call angel numbers—what you see when look at a clock and it reads 1:11 or 2:22 or 3:33, etc. Each of these repeated sequences of the … Continue reading

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On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity [1] | Bob Shepherd

“Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” –John 10:34 John,2 for all your skill, O master maker–singer, rhetor, builder, baker–you could not know, though multiply blest,that, choosing this name, you simply guessed,well, from … Continue reading

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The EZ Guide to Becoming a Cult Leader

You, too, can make BIG BUCKS in the Religion biz! Here’s how: Make a Promise that gets at something people really want and don’t have, such as community, wealth, happiness, sex, mental or physical health, and/or freedom from anxiety or … Continue reading

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