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A Solution to the Fermi Paradox

The current NASA estimate is that there are 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the observable universe that are Class G stars like ours AND that have at least one planet similar to Earth. That’s at least 19 SEXTILLION Earthlike planets, folks. No, … Continue reading

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Existentialism in Five Minutes | Bob Shepherd

This was back in the days Of the folk music craze. . . . [And] parties to pay for the rent. We all wanted to be existentialists, But none of us knew what the hell it meant. –Michael Smith, Songwriter, … Continue reading

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Wise Abandon

Look at anything. Really, really look at it. And it will become quite strange. Here you are, for example. And all the past is gone. And all the future is not yet. You probably believe, in fact, in the instant … Continue reading

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Three Meanings of “Meaning”

I just saw a dumb article in Quartz claiming that as science has revealed to us a mechanistic universe (and a view of the human brain as mechanism), we’ve come to face a new kind of “existential crisis” as we … Continue reading

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The Look, Social Media, and the Prolongation of Adolescence

Older people are supposed to complain about the kids these days. Northrop Frye, the great literary critic, wrote in The Educated Imagination that one of the earliest written texts produced by humans said that children no longer obey their parents … Continue reading

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Aiden Reading on the Way to Preschool

So, Aiden was asking whether the being of self-consciousness is such that in its being its being is in question, and I said, “Come on, Aiden, you’re old enough to look that up yourself,” which he did, but not before … Continue reading

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The Tractatus Comico-Philosophicus: Martin Heidegger

Martin Heidegger Cares (Except When He Doesn’t) We didn’t ask for this crap. We fell into it, like some amnesiac thrown onto a stage, without a script, in the middle of a play already underway. (So, your first reaction is, … Continue reading

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