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What George Orwell Had to Say about Alternative Facts Universes like Those of Putin and Trump

We live in an open society, and so it is relatively easy for Putin to embed agents (e.g., Maria Butina) and recruit assets here to spread his “truths.” Because we are awash in agents and assets (witting and unwitting) of … Continue reading

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An Existentialist Perspective on Russia v. the West

This is an excerpt from a PBS interview with the profound, learned, witty, altogether brilliant Russian political scholar and former member of the Russian Duma Ekaterina Schulmann. It’s from a series called The Putin Files. I say that this is … Continue reading

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Why Repugnicans Support “School Choice” and a Look Back at the Repugnican National Convention

Republicans face an existential threat. Polling shows that young people oppose them, often by overwhelming numbers, on every issue. And, of course, the country is becoming less white. So, if they are to keep from going the way of the … Continue reading

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Treasonous Conspiracy at the Highest Levels of the Trump Maladministration

I rarely share news stories on this blog, but this one is REALLY important.

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IQ 45’s Arizona Rally, 1/16/2022, a Review

Trump on the stump with his chumps In Arizona today, Trump gave another of his blithering, stupid speeches, this one to kick off his campaign to win the midterms and then, again, the Presidency. If you didn’t hear this speech, … Continue reading

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News from the Near Future

NB: All statistics in this essay are from Pew Research unless otherwise noted. Republicans face an existential crisis, but they have a plan. First, young people don’t share their ideologies (racism, ultranationalism, laissez-faire Capitalism, fundamentalist Christianity). Consider Millennials. Only 12 percent … Continue reading

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions, 2022, by Robert Shepherd, Lifestyle Reporter

–Resolved, with resolution, resolutely to do nothing in 2022 to curb the epidemic of school shootings. –The United States Congress –Petition the warden for Big Mac deliveries. –Donald Trump –Deputize and arm Citizen Militias to remove from public schools both … Continue reading

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Patriotic Noise 2

Submission pursuant to an application for the position of speechwriter for Donald Trump, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, or Ron DeSantis Murika, land of thetis of thee,by jingo by gollyby jingoism,by the dawn’s eerienightfrom above,by crackie,by cracker,by crackle!freedumb de … Continue reading

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A Lost Party

People have a fundamental duty of care, especially toward younger people, the elderly, the displaced, the victimized, and the infirm, and toward those whose work it is to carry out that duty of care–healthcare professionals, teachers, firefighters, hospice workers, and … Continue reading

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Remembrance of Things Ass

So, Donald Trump had the mobster’s habit of destroying the evidence–tearing up paperwork he didn’t like or after he didn’t (or couldn’t) read it. Ordinarily, under actual presidents, these papers would have gone into the National Archives. The Presidential Records … Continue reading

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