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What CRT Actually Means: a Public Service Announcement

You have doubtless been reading in the news a lot about Critical Race Theory, or CRT. It’s the latest “enemy within” for Republican agitprop (propaganda used to agitate, or work up, the base). But as usual, these Republican “leaders” and … Continue reading

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions, 2022, by Robert Shepherd, Lifestyle Reporter

–Resolved, with resolution, resolutely to do nothing in 2022 to curb the epidemic of school shootings. –The United States Congress –Petition the warden for Big Mac deliveries. –Donald Trump –Deputize and arm Citizen Militias to remove from public schools both … Continue reading

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And now, a little history from the near future.

Truth TimesExceptional News for an Exceptional NationMay 1, 2025 Senate Passes Election Integrity ActLenny Riefenstahl Since the stolen election of 2020, patriots have grieved over that breakdown of democratic processes and vowed to ensure that this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. … Continue reading

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Review of Villeneuve’s Dune, Part 1 | Bob Shepherd

No film version of Dune could live up to my hopes based on the book. Frank Herbert’s book is big—really big, but it is not a sprawl. It is tightly crafted—a complex, nuanced masterpiece with superb character development and many … Continue reading

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Link to Must Read Diane Ravitch Post about Critical Race Theory

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Corporate Decision Making: You Are There

For more art and essays about art by Bob Shepherd, go here: For more humor by Bob Shepherd, go here:

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A Theory of Dreaming

The American philosopher Eric Switzgebel has made a name for himself in recent years by challenging a lot of what people think they know, and, in particular, by challenging what people think they alone know—things about their own conscious mental … Continue reading

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Geometry: a Love Story | Bob Shepherd

“Imagination can . . . arrange for parallel lines to meet in secret.” –Shelley Jackson, on Italo Calvino Once upon a time, there were two parallel lines, and they couldn’t stop looking at one another. My lord. Such beauty, each … Continue reading

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Trump: A Commemoration

Trump, of course, has added a number of new words to our language: unpresidented, covfefe, bigly (his pronunciation of big league). But I don’t think those new terms, rich as they are, sufficiently celebrate the man (I’m using the term … Continue reading

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The Most Monstrous Crime in Recent Memory, a Reflection on Holocaust Remebrance Day

What Fascists Do In August of 1942, the head of the German administration of the Lodz ghetto (a forced labor camp) ordered the deportation to the Chelmno death camp of all children of Lodz under the age of 10 (the … Continue reading

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