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Anachronism, Historical Fakes, Cults, and Scriptures

An anachronism is something inappropriate to the time and place being described. A momentarily famous recent example is the Starbucks coffee cup accidentally left on a table in a scene from Game of Thrones. Here are a couple others: In … Continue reading

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Being lesson on muddying the waters to make them look deep. . . . “Management consultants steal your watch and then tell you what time it is.” –Martin Kihn “Let me speak, for a moment, from a 50,000-Foot-Perspective,” said T, … Continue reading

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Why You Should Move to Flor-uh-duh

In Florida, the golf course gators give an altogether new meaning to the term “water trap.” Considering moving to Florida? Then take a moment to congratulate yourself on your derring-do, you wild thing, you! Economy. It’s the home of free … Continue reading

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Ed Deform Follies: Yes, You Get What You Measure, or Be Careful What You Wish For

April 30, 2019 Today, Diane Ravitch posted two  important pieces on her blog. One is on Ken Robinson’s book about the egregious consequences of high-stakes standardized testing. The other is about the Stalinesque workings of the “justice” system in a … Continue reading

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Roy Turrentine on the Long-term Effects of a Good Education and One of the Many Things That Ed Deformers Don’t Understand

I don’t usually post work by others on my blog, but I loved this piece by ex-farmer and history teacher extraordinaire Roy Turrentine. It’s a comment he left on Diane Ravitch’s wonderful blog. I was very busy yesterday . . … Continue reading

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A Brief History of England, by Gerald

OK, in the beginning, there were these islands, and blue people called Brits lived in the South, and red-haired people called Pricks lived in the North, and they used to run around naked and set up big rocks in circles … Continue reading

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Ideology | Cartoon | Bob Shepherd

Copyright 2001. Robert D. Shepherd. All rights reserved.

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Capriccio | Cartoon | Bob Shepherd

Copyright 2001. Copyright Copyright 2001. Robert D. Shepherd. All rights reserved.   For other artwork by Bob Shepherd (and essays about the nonliterary arts, go here:

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A Ditty for the Don, Cheeto Trumpbalone

Ah, I feel a song coming on. There’s a big sinkhole at Mar-a-Lago. Let that sink in. Donnie is our president Although he did not win A popular plurality, And that is just a sin. Ask me what I think … Continue reading

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The Propaganda Value of the Omniscient 3rd Person POV

An omniscient, third-person point of view typically (but not always) assumes a Godlike understanding of how things are, and readers go along with this . . . until they don’t–until the POV of the little man behind the curtain becomes … Continue reading

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