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For David Coleman, on the Occasion of Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday

Wrote this piece some time ago. Just getting around to posting it. I once read, in “The American Scholar,” I think, or perhaps it was in “Verbatim,” a tragic report on the paucity of dedicated swear words in classical Latin. … Continue reading

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Will Wonders Never Cease?

For Princesa Krystalina de Columbia y Japón Dreams of flying are part of the universal, archetypal, collective consciousness of our species. They harken back to some common ancestor that we share with monkeys and with the great apes. A million … Continue reading

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Our Boadicea, Our Jeanne d’Arc, Is a 79-year-old Grandmother, an Existence Proof of the Stupidity of Ageism

On this Labor Day, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the Herculean labors of Diane Ravitch. Dr. Ravitch has for many years now been the most significant force for sanity in all of U.S. K-12 education. Day in … Continue reading

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On the Pseudoscience of Strategies-Based Reading Comprehension Instruction, or What Current Comprehension Instruction Has in Common with Astrology

Why the Standards-and Testing Approach, as Currently Designed, Doesn’t Work in ELA Permit me to start with an analogy. As a hobby, I make and repair guitars. This is exacting work, requiring precise measurement. If the top (or soundboard) of … Continue reading

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