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Things I Worry About: How Alternative Fact Worldviews Enable Fascism

George Santayana, in Reason in Religion, makes the argument that religion serves the same sort of purposes that poetry does and that, while not literally true,* is nonetheless elevating. William James, in Varieties of Religious Experience, makes a pragmatic argument … Continue reading

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On the Dobbs Decision: It Can Happen, It Is Happening, Here

I’ve never liked the term unenumerated rights because the point is not whether they are numbered but whether they are expressed, so until now, I have avoided it in my comments on this decision. But that’s the standard legal term … Continue reading

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Ukraine and the U.S.: A Tale of Two Republics

In literary studies, a foil is a character who stands in contrast to another character, thereby throwing the qualities of the other character into sharp relief. I’d like to share an example, which I’ll call, “A Tale of Two Republics.”  … Continue reading

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How to Become an Expert on Military Strategy and Preparedness

Too bad we don’t have a stable genius like Donald Trump in the offal office right now, given the war in Ukraine. He is soooooo well informed! Here, a blast from the past, Trump talking to NBC reporter Chuck Todd … Continue reading

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What George Orwell Had to Say about Alternative Facts Universes like Those of Putin and Trump

We live in an open society, and so it is relatively easy for Putin to embed agents (e.g., Maria Butina) and recruit assets here to spread his “truths.” Because we are awash in agents and assets (witting and unwitting) of … Continue reading

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An Existentialist Perspective on Russia v. the West

This is an excerpt from a PBS interview with the profound, learned, witty, altogether brilliant Russian political scholar and former member of the Russian Duma Ekaterina Schulmann. It’s from a series called The Putin Files. I say that this is … Continue reading

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Why Repugnicans Support “School Choice” and a Look Back at the Repugnican National Convention

Republicans face an existential threat. Polling shows that young people oppose them, often by overwhelming numbers, on every issue. And, of course, the country is becoming less white. So, if they are to keep from going the way of the … Continue reading

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Treasonous Conspiracy at the Highest Levels of the Trump Maladministration

I rarely share news stories on this blog, but this one is REALLY important.

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IQ 45’s Arizona Rally, 1/16/2022, a Review

Trump on the stump with his chumps In Arizona today, Trump gave another of his blithering, stupid speeches, this one to kick off his campaign to win the midterms and then, again, the Presidency. If you didn’t hear this speech, … Continue reading

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News from the Near Future

NB: All statistics in this essay are from Pew Research unless otherwise noted. Republicans face an existential crisis, but they have a plan. First, young people don’t share their ideologies (racism, ultranationalism, laissez-faire Capitalism, fundamentalist Christianity). Consider Millennials. Only 12 percent … Continue reading

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