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Two Late-night Thoughts about Poetry

Two thoughts, tonight, about poetry First, a theory of poetry and how it means: Perhaps the most important lesson that I received, in college, about reading poetry occurred on a day when, in a class on nineteenth-century American poets, I … Continue reading

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Patriotic Noise 2

Submission pursuant to an application for the position of speechwriter for Donald Trump, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, or Ron DeSantis Murika, land of thetis of thee,by jingo by gollyby jingoism,by the dawn’s eerienightfrom above,by crackie,by cracker,by crackle!freedumb de … Continue reading

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Learning Theories, Models, and Techniques

NB: The following are all either instructional design models or can be adapted to create or at least to inform instructional design models. The list is far from complete, and the definitions are necessarily brief and so, in many cases … Continue reading

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Your Updated Guide to Scary Repugnican Bedtime-for-Democracy Stories

In 2020-21, the smarter Repugnicans looked at the BLM protests and were scared half out of their Klan robes. (I know, in the age of the Trump Limbo Party, smart Republicans, like Congressional ethics, is a bit of an oxymoron, … Continue reading

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Link to Must Read Diane Ravitch Post about Critical Race Theory

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