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The New “New Creative Class” Isn’t Going to Be Human

I always worried that people like me, who write for a living, would become extinct simply because people would stop reading anything. But there’s this issue, too, now: competition from AI fiction-writing algorithms. Long ago, after reading Vladimir Propp on … Continue reading

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Putting That Quotation in Scare Quotes, or Bob’s Shepherd’s Laws of Quotation and Attribution in the Age of the Internet

1. In the age of the Internet, all quotations should be suspect but aren’t. 2. All quotations get improved by repeated transmission. 3. Few quotations on Internet threads resemble, even remotely, their originals. 4. When in doubt, attribute a quotation, … Continue reading

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Killing Ed Deform and Making American Education Suck Less: Some Suggestions

The subtitle of Diane Ravitch’s Blog, one of my favorite Internet sites, is “A site to discuss better education for all.” It’s wonderful to read, on her site, the heated discussions of curricula and pedagogy. As many readers of her … Continue reading

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A Warning to Parents about Online Learning Programs

  Contemporary Online Learning Programs Are Behaviorist Programmed Learning Brought Back from the Dead–Put a Stake in Them before They Take Over Your Kid’s School Sometimes it is overt, and sometimes it is hidden and not so obvious, but most … Continue reading

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The Look, Social Media, and the Prolongation of Adolescence

Older people are supposed to complain about the kids these days. Northrop Frye, the great literary critic, wrote in The Educated Imagination that one of the earliest written texts produced by humans said that children no longer obey their parents … Continue reading

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