And now, a little history from the near future.

Truth Times
Exceptional News for an Exceptional Nation
May 1, 2025

Senate Passes Election Integrity Act
Lenny Riefenstahl

Since the stolen election of 2020, patriots have grieved over that breakdown of democratic processes and vowed to ensure that this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Today, the Senate did just that by passing the Election Integrity Act of 2025. The key provision of this act: Henceforth, in Congressional and Presidential Races, only the name of the incumbent will appear on ballots, and other candidates may be written in by voters. This ensures, for the first time, that the choice of leaders will be truly democratic and not determined by politicians in back rooms who choose which candidates they will place on ballots. Other key provisions: Fraud-prone mail-in balloting will be prohibited, and poor citizens will be relieved of the enormous burden of paying for polling places, which falls most heavily on the poor, by keying the number of polling places per district, nationwide, to local property taxes. So, the wealthy will pay more—as is only fair—and have more polling places, which is also fair because they will be shouldering the burden. It’s a win-win.

The 36 Democrats remaining in Congress vowed to fight the proposed ballot change in court, but it is expected to sail through approval by the newly expanded Supreme Court of the Fatherland.

“Well, they feel strongly about this”: President InSantis Reacts to Portland Violence
Jimmy Olsen

In recent weeks, an angry nation has watched as lawless Socialist Antifa mobs protested in the sanctioned sanctuary city of Portland against the appointments of electors by state legislators that set aside the corrupt popular vote of 2024 and swept Glorious Leader and New Father President InSantis to power. Refusing to accept democratic processes and the peaceful transfer of power, they have blocked streets and have brazenly written letters of protest that they have read aloud using megaphones.

Reacting to calls from around the country to take their city back, the Three Percent Citizens Militia took action today to regain control of this once peaceful, law-abiding city.

The violence, which left 49 dead and 86 wounded, erupted when the Yellow Shirt Moms, a militant, man-hating wokeanarchofeminist wacko wing of Antifa, held a candlelight vigil to protest the entirely accidental killing of one of their number by police.

As the ominous Pachouli-oil-scented candles burned, reminding us of the fires that destroyed Rome in AD 64, Citizens Militia patriots gathered, locked, loaded, and ready to protect and serve as necessary. For a full hour, they exhibited remarkable order, resolve, and restraint. Then, the Yellow Moms dared light bundles of sage to “cleanse” the protest area.

It was too much. “It’s paganism, pure and simple,” said Whitey “Buzz” Beatty, former Navy Seal and Portland Gruppenführer of the Citizens Militia SA. “It’s just the kind of anti-Christian filth that has infected our schools and our country for too long. We had to snuff it out.

”President InSantis reacted immediately and forcefully to these events: “While we regret the actions taken by the CM SA, I need to remind you that this is a spontaneously arising citizens group, and, well, they feel strongly about this. As they should.”


National Curriculum: The Latest Updates
Education Desk

The new 1776 National Curriculum Working Group completes its work on “Bringing Jesus to the Savages,” Part 1 of the New National Curriculum.

Support Your Leader: Home Prayer Teams
Lifestyle Desk

What can YOU do to support President InSantis and his Patriot team? Learn how you can organize a home prayer group to ensure that Jesus has his back.

Market Rally: Defense $$$ Drive Surge

In a week of historic highs, markets rallied on news of the three-trillion-dollar internal and external defense budget.


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